• Bellmark

The two systemsrun by Bell Mark are ;

  • “Build our school”for buying useful school materials.

  • “Support our friends in need”for assisting several educations.

It can make the children smile. It is a volunteer work by anyone with high convenience.

Participation article for Bell Mark.

  • Magnetic
    Pencil Case

  • STAR LINE series

  • STAD series

  • HATS series

  • Sukusuku No Mori series

  • HiLiNE series* except some products

The process and flow of Bell Mark.

The process and flow of Bell Mark.
The supportive companies send Bell Mark points collected calculating by the PTA & Community center to the Bellmark Foundation.
The PTA can acquire “money for points”* which is based on the points as a deposit of Bell Mark after reporting the points to the supportive companies.* It can be paid for Yen 1 per 1 point and Yen 0.25 as the operating
expenses of the Bellmark Foundation and equal to consumption tax in calculating.
The PTA orders and purchases their necessary school materials and facilities for the school to the cooperative companies by its deposits.
After returning 10% of the total purchase back to the PTA, the PTA makes a donation it into the Bell Mark Foundation It can be exchanged for the several educational assistance for activities.

As an example of the educational assistance for activities

  • Assistance for the located in more rural areas
  • Assistance for special needs Schools
  • Assistance for the class in a hospital
  • Assistance for the school in natural disaster stricken areas
  • Assistance for the friendship
  • Assistance for the Overseas Japanese school